Urban Yeti Announcements

Urban Yeti announces a very exciting third season!

Urban Yeti Improv is excited to announce our third season, and it's HUGE!  We will kick it off with another chance to see our Frigid Affair and Debauchery formats, but this time on the Sydney Laurence stage at the Performing Arts Center.  Come out and support Urban Yeti as they bring local improv to the big time.

The big news keeps rolling in with our new show, Love is Blind, debuting in the 8:00 pm slot starting on first Saturday's in October followed by Urban Yeti After Dark at 10:00 pm.  After Dark will be high energy, uncensored short form improv.

Don't be on the outside looking in, check out our Upcoming Shows for more information on tickets today!

Now Showing: Frigid Affair and Debauchery at the PAC!

Frigid Affair uses local newspaper headlines (ADN/press) as inspiration for a mixture of short/long form improv comedy.  The audience is in control as Urban Yeti Improv puts a different spin on both current events and headlines long forgotten.

Debauchery is an awesome improv experience designed to explore what makes our audience crazy.  What pisses them off?  What are elements of their fantasies?  What do they consider indecent?  These are all used as inspiration for our scene work. 

Grab your tickets now and don't miss local improv on the PAC stage for the first time in Alaska history!

Welcome to your Anchorage comedy headquarters

Urban Yeti Improv is the best comedy troupe to hit the Anchorage scene. It's hilarious, fresh, and the most fun you can have with your clothes on. You can find the elusive Urban Yeti performing at the Alaska Experience Theater in downtown Anchorage on the first Saturday of each month.  It's a beautiful venue and beer/wine is served at our shows.
Shows at Urban Yeti are improvised, meaning every show is unique.  The formats, though, are by season so we can always Challenge our performers and give our audiences something new.  Please, take a look around. We’re glad to have you.
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